Codes of Conduct / Policy

Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport

The Victorian Code of Conduct for Community Sport outlines behaviours that are expected of every person involved in community sport and active recreation, as well as identifying the types of behaviours that will not be tolerated.

The Code of Conduct*

Every person – spectator, player, club member, official, participant, administrator, coach, parent or member of the community involved with the sport, should work to ensure:

  • Inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation
  • Inclusion of every person regardless of their race, culture or religion.
  • Opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in the sport and develop to their full potential.
  • Respect is shown towards others, the club and the broader community.
  • A safe and inclusive environment for all.
  • Elimination of violent and abusive behaviour.
  • Protection from sexual harassment or intimidation.

*This Code applies to community sport, training and club sanctioned activities.

Netball Victoria Codes of Conduct

pdfChild Safety Code of Conduct





pdfCyber Safety Policy.pdf

Koonung Heights Netball Club at all times observes Netball Victoria Codes of Conduct and has a number of additional policies and associated documents relating to the management and operation of the netball club. These documents are regularly reviewed by the management Committee to reflect current information.

Additional KHNC policy and associated documents may be found here:

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